Hey there - welcome!

If you're here then you're probably a little like us - really sick of industries putting crap in the products you thought were safe to use on your body, in your body and in your home. Sure, there are a select few large scale manufacturers that still try to provide organic healthy products but as we know when selling in large quantities and in stores there are pretty strict rules they have to follow and those usually include some type of preservatives.

So here we are - becoming more and more aware of how complicated, simple things have become. Why not take it back to the basics and create products applicable to today's world and culture but using natural, accessible ingredients? You got it!

About 4 years ago we started making products mostly for ourselves and as gifts for family (we're sisters!) and friends. What started (and still is) a hobby has now become a profitable craft time as everyone who has tried our stuff has loved it and keeps coming back for more! 

Every item you see on our website is made in small batches, tested by us first to make sure it works the way we want it to. We use natural (always) and organic ingredients when available to make all of our products. We prefer to use glass containers when possible for obvious reasons - but not everything works well in glass so you know when it's in a plastic container we made sure it was environmentally friendly!

We're happy you stopped by to support us - we love to hear feedback, good or bad so please send it our way. Please also make sure to check in when you have time, we'll be expanding our line as we move along and we'll always be updating you via our social media.

If you have anything you'd like us to try to make - send our way!

Be good to each other, be good to the Earth.

Lots of Love,

Karina and Marika